Publish OS: Notion Content Creator Template

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The All-in-One System for Content Creators

  • Gain Insights on your Top-Performing Content
  • Automatically rank ideas based on Predictive Content Success
  • Create a Sustainable Posting Schedule
  • Focus on the content you're most likely to Succeed with
  • Monetise with a Plan

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👤 15,000+ YouTube Subscribers

✉️ 15,000+ Newsletters Followers

😊 And 30,000+ Template Downloads

Focus on Content that will Actually Grow your Account

As a Content Creator you’re filled with ideas. The problem is, not every idea is created equally. This system helps you to rank your ideas and focus on the best concepts that will get the results you want from your accounts.

  • You might have been posting content for 2 years and not seeing as much growth as you’d like,
  • Or if your new to content creation then implementing the right system from the start can save you YEARS of trial of error.

Okay, Let’s Break Down the Key Features...

👉 Gain Insights on your Top-Performing Content 


Track CTA Clicks & the View Results to find trends in best performing content by Channel, by Pillar and by CTA.


Run experiments with your content and track the results to know how to keep iterating and improving your content

👉 Automatically rank ideas based on Predictive Content Success


Use Data to strategically grow your channels, by estimating the success of the content before creating it.  “AutoRank” automatically organises your ideas based on search volume, competition levels and timeliness so you know what content to prioritise first.

Keyword Score

Automatically orders your Keywords based on search volume and difficulty to rank first, so you know where to focus your efforts

Audience Feedback

Quickly capture Audience Feedback & Content Ideas

👉 Create a sustainable posting schedule

Content Calendar

Visually plan out your content calendar with a strategy. Growth comes from a great plan

Create Reliable Content Pillars

Develop clear Content Pillars to make content brainstorming easier, and content pieces that your audience looks forward to.

👉 Monetise with a Plan

Sponsored Content

Handle your sponsorship leads, sponsored content, sponsor earnings and sponsor deadlines (with auto-countdowns).

Call to Actions

Track Call to Action responses per video and see the average & total clicks by Content Pillar, by CTA and by Channel.


Track your Affiliates and their codes in the one dashboard

👉 Other Valuable Features

👤 Outsource & Support

With a built-in “Team” page you can easily outsource work when your Content Creator business is ready to take the next step.

📷 Tracking your Subscriptions & Gear

As a Content Creator we have so much to juggle, don’t fill your head with the clutter of organising your subscriptions and gear.

🖼️ Quick links to your Asset Library

Easily find your assets in a split second to make the content creation process even faster.

👉 The Building Blocks behind Publish OS

The CREATE Process is the backbone of my Notion system, designed to optimize every aspect of your content creation journey.

Here's how it works:

  • Concept: Pick Winning Content Ideas
  • Ranking: Choose Ideas Likely to Perform Well
  • Earning: Monetize your Creativity
  • Assemble: Streamline your Production Pipeline
  • Timing: Post at the optimal time for your audience 
  • Examine: Dive into your data and experiments

🚫 Stop wasting hours EVERY week without a system 🚫

Sticky notes, notes in the phone, scripts in Google Docs… make sure it’s all in the past.

With a system you can

  • Be Consistent with Uploads
  • Post Content that will perform well
  • Build accounts that people look forward to each and every upload

👉 Organise your entire Content Creation in 1 System: Publish OS

✔ Content Calendar

✔ Automatic Content Idea Ranking System (AutoRank)

✔ Keyword Score Feature

✔ Content Pillars & Channels

✔ Content Process Board

✔ Analytics Panel (by Pillar, CTA and Clicks)

✔ Feedback Collection Depot

✔ Content Inspiration Hub

✔ Sponsor Center (Revenue, Leads, Stages)

✔ Affiliate Dashboard

✔ Call to Action Console

Team Tasks & Individual Dashboards

Networking Console

Tools Tracker

Quick Access Asset Library

Publish OS FAQ

How do I start using it?

After purchase, you will find the link to duplicate the Publish OS Notion Template into your Notion account. You will need a Notion account (free or paid) to duplicate.

Is there a recurring fee for this?

Nope! One time payment for my Publish OS Notion Template!

Is there Customer Support?

We offer minimal post-download support to keep costs low. Our product is competitively priced due to this approach. While we may assist with critical issues, our response times and availability are limited. We recommend watching the full tour to see and understand the template's capabilities before downloading.

Is there a Refund Policy?

We cannot offer refunds for our Notion templates. Once shared, they cannot be returned due to their digital nature. We encourage you to carefully watch the full Notion tour before making your purchase decision. However, if you have watched the full walkthrough Notion tour video and find that the functions of the template do not align with what was demonstrated, we are pleased to offer a 30-day money-back policy to ensure your satisfaction.

Is there a community or group?

No, we do not offer a dedicated community or group for our Notion templates. Our focus is on providing cost-effective, efficient solutions that empower you to work more effectively. By not including a membership, we keep our prices lower, aligning with our mission to help you streamline your work.

Have more specific questions?

If you have any specific questions then please email and I’ll be happy to answer and help out!


There is no guarantee this template is bug free. I have worked very hard to ensure everything is working properly but if there are any issues, big or small, please email

likewise, if you have any feedback, please email

When downloading any of our products, be aware that we do not guarantee virus-free files and cannot be held responsible for any damages that may result from your use of our Notion templates, digital products, videos, or services. You are solely responsible for protecting yourself and making any decisions based on our products at your own risk. We provide no express or implied warranties for our templates, which are for personal use only, and we do not guarantee any specific results. Any claims, damages, liabilities, or expenses arising from your use of our products are your responsibility, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless.

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Publish OS: Notion Content Creator Template

3 ratings
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