Headquarters Notion Second Brain Template

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Get Organized, Productive & Motivated

Headquarters is the personal productivity system in Notion that houses your tasks, projects, life buckets, notes, resources and prioritizes your workload.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 STARS with 1000+ USERS

Combining the best productivity techniques into one dynamic hub that houses your entire life.

INCLUDES FREE BONUS: ✍️ 50 Daily Journal Prompts

What’s Included?

✔ Calendar System (Week View, Month View)

✔ Time Blocking Feature (My Day Today View)

✔ Eisenhower Task List (Automatically Orders your Tasks based on Urgency and Importance)

✔ Tasks Grouped by Buckets (to avoid Context Switching)

✔ Project Hub

✔ Project Templates (with relevant Tasks, Notes & Bottlenecks)

✔ Notes Dashboard 

✔ Resource Hub

✔ Ideal Schedule Designer

✔ Move the Needle Dashboard (All Tasks & Projects that had a big Impact)

✔ Time Tracker (broken down by Task, Project & Life Bucket)

✔ Habit Tracker System

✔ Open Loops Center (See your Unfinished Projects & Tasks)

✔ Bottleneck Console

✔ Mobile HQ (Page Designed for Mobile)

✔ Topics Hub (All your Topics of Interest)

✔ Dynamic Journal (Shows relevant information IN your Journal Entry)

✔ Life Bucket Stations

✔ Job Page (Your Day, Work Tasks, Work Projects, Work Notes)

✔ BONUS: 50 Daily Journal Prompts

Automatically organizes your task list for you.

Inspired by the Eisenhower Matrix - label your task’s importance and urgency and your task list automatically rearranges from most important and most urgent to the lowest priority.

Dynamic Reflections & Move the Needle Tracking

Seamlessly built into the journaling prompts, find and mark the tasks and projects that have “moved the needle”. This helps you to find patterns on what’s helping you progress, so you can prioritise doing more of those activities.

A Second Brain with Productivity as the focus.

No distracting, cognitively overwhelming aesthetics, widgets or clunky UI requiring you to visit sub-sub-sub pages just to take a simple action.

Everything in the 1 Dashboard

To Do Lists, Calendar, Time Blocking, Notes, Resources, Personal Life Management, Bottleneck Analysis, Journaling and more. In 1 Dynamic System.

Smart Note System - eliminating Context Switching

Imagine if every time you worked on a specific project you had all the relevant notes & tasks right there available. Or if when you wanted to work on your business, every note regarding your business was sitting right there on the page.

❌ Don't switch back and forth between the Notes page looking for relevant info

✅ Use a Smart Note System that displays info where and when you need it

Stop wasting time researching Notion builds, pointless widgets, useless tricks and other distractions. 99% of Notion Templates aren’t designed to actually help you be productive, but to steal your attention and promote busy-work. Don’t let them.

You need to prioritize making meaningful progress.
And have a system that supports that.

Boost your Productivity by discarding the Dopamine-Inducing Distractions of a Cluttered Workspace.

I’ve analysed countless Notion Second Brains and Notion Productivity Workspaces. 99% of them suffer the same issue; they have so much going on that your brain can’t fathom what’s happening.

I get it. It looks fun and exciting. But it’s incredible inefficient for your productivity to have a column on the side with quick access to pages that you’ll access once every 3 months and widgets that serve as nothing but a shiny dopamine distraction.

My goal with this template is to design it in a way where you’ll end up working less hours, because you’ll be so focused on the important tasks that move the needle, you won’t need to waste hours each day being distracted and feeling confused on what you should be doing next.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5 STARS with 1000+ USERS

Headquarters FAQ

How do I start using it?

After purchase, you will find the link to duplicate the Headquarters Notion Template into your Notion account. You will need a Notion account (free or paid) to duplicate.

Is there a recurring fee for this?

Nope! One time payment for my Headquarters Notion Template!

Is there Customer Support?

We offer minimal post-download support to keep costs low. Our product is competitively priced due to this approach. While we may assist with critical issues, our response times and availability are limited. We recommend watching the full tour to see and understand the template's capabilities before downloading.

Is there a Refund Policy?

We cannot offer refunds for our Notion templates. Once shared, they cannot be returned due to their digital nature. We encourage you to carefully watch the full Notion tour before making your purchase decision. However, if you have watched the full walkthrough Notion tour video and find that the functions of the template do not align with what was demonstrated, we are pleased to offer a 30-day money-back policy to ensure your satisfaction.

Is there a community or group?

No, we do not offer a dedicated community or group for our Notion templates. Our focus is on providing cost-effective, efficient solutions that empower you to work more effectively. By not including a membership, we keep our prices lower, aligning with our mission to help you streamline your work.

Have more specific questions?

If you have any specific questions then please email consultantnotion@gmail.com and I’ll be happy to answer and help out!


There is no guarantee this template is bug free. I have worked very hard to ensure everything is working properly but if there are any issues, big or small, please email consultantnotion@gmail.com

likewise, if you have any feedback, please email consultantnotion@gmail.com

When downloading any of our products, be aware that we do not guarantee virus-free files and cannot be held responsible for any damages that may result from your use of our Notion templates, digital products, videos, or services. You are solely responsible for protecting yourself and making any decisions based on our products at your own risk. We provide no express or implied warranties for our templates, which are for personal use only, and we do not guarantee any specific results. Any claims, damages, liabilities, or expenses arising from your use of our products are your responsibility, and you agree to indemnify and hold us harmless.

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Headquarters Notion Second Brain Template

81 ratings
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